Bottiglia Olio Pinto

Riserva del padrone

Riserva del Padrone is a careful selection of still green olives made personally by the owner on Frantoio, Pendolino and Salella type plants harvested in the month of September. The oil obtained is unique for its fine scents and aromas and is rich in polyphenols. To free it from its impurities we use the ancient technique of decantation where the oil remains for about 2 months to rest in large stainless steel barrels. With a very strong flavour, it is perfect to eat raw on bruschetta, cold cuts or in vegetable sauces. Excellent as a base for tomato or white sauces, vegetable or grilled meat dishes, braised, boiled, stewed meats, red meats and game. The product is in very limited quantities. For reservations and information on prices, contact the owner personally on +393425148096, otherwise via WhatsApp chat at the icon on the page or by writing to