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About Us

Olio Pinto (Pinto Olive Oil) is produced in accordance with the long standing experience of the proprietor and in the traditional ways going back at least 1850, three generations alternating the production of olive oil.
This union of ideas, experience and knowledge,are today the foundations of the modern production of the ecological products of Olio Pinto, offering the best quality oil rather than quantity.

The olive orchards, many of which have matured over hundreds of years, are to be found within Casal Velino (SA), along the coast of Cilento where conditions for growing olives are perfect. “Cultivar Salella”, (the type of olive trees) are found only in this area and in part within another two villages nearby and are of the highest possible quality. Included in this process is the fine-tuned timing of the harvesting and care of the olives throughout. Overall, it is harmonic, balanced and can be used in all dishes to enhance the flavours.


Un momento della raccolta delle olive ad ottobre con abbacchiatori-pneumaticiOlive  nell'arenale di produzione di Casal VelinoI frutti raccolti e riposti in cassette forate Le piante di ulivo a Casal Velino